Sat PM Report 061414 Day 169b

Sat PM Report 061414 Day 169b: Pleasant day. Outdoors. Rested. Some minor blogging. Chaired meeting. Read. Some member care.

Inventory list. PM Chanting. Evening routine.  LUNCH: 45g//23g.  DINNER: 45g/30g. SNACK: 15g/6g.

EXERS*: Stretches. squatrs,  Inckline 2x. pKb: 50 dbl. beh. hd. 200 sngl beh.hd.  (2×100), 50 arms/out, 50 arms/in, 100 arm swing (2×50), 50 arms above hd., 100 arm curls (2×50) and 50 arm exts. (2×50). Abs: 100 ab push, 100 ab crunch, 100 ab/back and 100 ab lunges.  300 waist twists (3×100), 200 arm arcs (2×100), 200 thigh/butterfly (2×100) and other exers -legs, abs, back, hips, etc.

*add more walking, stairs, legs/lower half exers, standing, sitting, etc. plus other home equipment.

TOTAL STEPS: 2174 steps. TOTAL SLEEP: 8-11+ hours.

(courtesy of

(courtesy of


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