Sat AM /PM Report 062814 Days 183/183b:

Sat AM /PM Report 062814 Days 183/183b: TOTAL STEPS: 1700+steps. TOTAL MILES: .8-.9 miles. TOTAL SLEEP: 6.5-7.5+ hours???.

DAY: Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Inventory list. PM  chanting. Morning routine (energy/empowerment work, CT, etc.). Chores. Errands. Outdoors (when not raining). Finished/posted “My Writing Process Blog Tour” blog post. Some promotion (more to come). Minor blogging. Sleepy. Member care. Group member care. Good orderly direction–a meeting! More errands. Reading, etc. Rest.

MEALS: BFAST: 45g/14g.  LUNCH: 45g/21g. SNACK: 34g/10g.  DINNER: 71g+/25g.

EXERS: stretches, gen. squats. Stoops 6x. Mini -inclines 2x.  Chores. Grocery.  Other exers–abs, back, legs, etc.


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