Tues AM/PM Report 070114 Days 186/186b

Tues AM/PM Report 070114 Days 186/186b: TOTAL STEPS: 2360 TOTAL MILES: 1.08-1.18 miles. TOTAL SLEEP: 8-11 hours sleep.

DAY: Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Inventory list. PM Chanting. Morning routine (energy/empowerment work, CT, etc). Chores. Errands. Bills. Focused and productive. Writing. Some blogging. reading.  Studying. Member and recovery care. Enjoyed the sunshine and breeze.

MEALS: BFAST: 45.5g+/21g+. LUNCH: 44g/22g. DINNER: 47g/23g.

EXERS: A: stretches, squats. chores, 100 mini-sits. Walking. PM: Stretches, squats, 300 leg press (3×100), 300 p/back (3×100), 300 hip s-s (3×100) and other exercises.





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