Fri AM/PM Reports 070414 Days 198/189b

Fri AM/PM Reports 070414 Days 198/189b:  TOTAL STEPS: 948 Steps. TOTAL MILES: .44 miles. TOTAL SLEEP: 10.5 -13 hours.

DAY: Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Morning routine (energy/empowerment work, CT, etc.). Chores. Inventory list. PM Chanting.

Holiday—took things at a much slower pace. Not online much yesterday. Slept,  worked in my front flower bed for 1.0-1.5 hours+.  Some cooking and a little cleaning. Chatted with neighbors who moved back in the neighborhood.  Heard the fireworks from the Fairgrounds etc. from my place. Nice restful holiday.

MEALS (g carbs/g protein):  BFAST: 45g/ 26g. LUNCH: 75g/34g. SNACK1: 20g+/7g. DINNER: 57g/24-29g. SNACK2: 15-22g/1-2g.

EXERCISES:  Stretches, gen. squats.  Gardening1-1.5hours +:trimming, weeding, hz0 plants, etc. Chores: trash, sweeping, dishes etc.  300 (3×100): leg press, pelvioc/back, hip s-s, hip/stom., waist twists. 200 (2×100): arm arcs.  100: mini-sits, ab crunches, ab lunges, ab/back, ab push and other assorted exercises.


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