Fri AM/PM Reports 071114 Days 196/196b

Fri AM/PM Reports 071114 Days 196/196b:  TOTAL STEPS: 2000 steps+. TOTAL MILES: 1.0+ MILES. TOTAL SLEEP: 10-12.5 + hours—-Probable energy shift.

DAY: Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Chores. Busy, writing, scheduling, errands, etc. Dealing with others twirling. Appointments. Client care, member care, etc. Inventory list. PM Chanting.

MEALS: BFAST: 45g/14g. LUNCH: 51g/26g. DINNER: 45g/40g.

EXERS: 100 mini-sits, stretches, gen squats, walking chores. Exercises—arms, legs, back, hips, abs, etc.


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