Sat PM Report 071214 Day 197b

Sat PM Report 071214 Day 197b:  TOTAL STEPS: 3200 Steps. TOTAL MILES: 1.6 miles. TOTAL SLEEP: 9-11.5 hours. DAY: Good Orderly Direction/Meeting. Energy shifts…letting go. Inventory list. PM Chanting. MEALS:  LUNCH:48g/27g. DINNER: 117g/25g. SNACK: 15g+/20g. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, chores, more stretches and gen. squats, lots of walking. Inclines, etc. stairs.  few p/back, leg lifts/press, arms, pKbells etc. 100: ab lunges, crunches, back, push, arm raises. 200: arm arcs, thigh/butterfly in/out. 300: waist twists.




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