Wed AM/PM Reports 072314 Days 208/208b

Wed AM/PM Reports 072314 Days 208/208b: TOTAL STEPS: 19745-2000 +. TOTAL MILES: .9-1.0 +. TOTAL SLEEP: 10-12.5+ hours. More lessons on this week’s theme on flexibility, letting go and live and let live.  Moving lots of energy the last few days.  Work, rest, errands, member and client care,  etc. Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Chores. Laundry etc. Inventory list. PM chanting. BFAST: 45g/16g???. SNACK: og/10g. LUNCH: 62g/45g. DINNER45g/30g. EXERS: Stretches, gen. squats, walking and other assorted  exers.


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