One Lovely Blog Award 080714 Today’s Inspiration

One of my dear blogging and social media pals, Zak Reid nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award.

This prestigious pay-it-forward blogging award is designed for:

1. Those new or up-and-coming-bloggers acknowledging their blogging efforts so as to increase their blog readership


2. Are chosen by their fellow blogging comrades for having a “lovely” blog as they share their stories and thoughts in a poetic or beautiful manner as they connect with their loyal audience of readers and followers.

While I have been blogging since 2008 with two former blogs, I have blogging with “Liz Who Motivates” for the last 18 months as I have been focusing on my Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching and related writings in addition to my freelance writing/consulting.

I aim to make my posts beautiful, inspirational and motivational and even poetic.

In order to “accept’ the award on must follow the below guidelines (which have been modified):

1. Acknowledge the person who nominated you

2. Post the One Lovely Blog logo to your post and/or blog

3. List 7 interesting facts or things about yourself ( I promised Zak I would post 7 new facts/things about myself) (You can refer to my other blog awards and About/other sections of my blog).

4. Nominate 5 (modified from 15) lovely blogs you admire by informing them of their award nomination on their blog

My 7 facts/things:

1.I learned to have a creative mind at a very early age (3-4 years old). I named our Australian Silky Terrier

“Snowball.” Uh, by the below picture, you can see the dog isn’t white.

2. I had an autographed baseball signed by Pete Rose. Interesting facts are that Pete bought the baseball and he and my late Uncle Stuart had the same insurance guy in Cincinnati (Alan Hornstein).

3. Spent my Sweet 16 dinner on a Bateau Mouche (fly boat) with my late mother and brother Mark riding along the Seine River in a night -lit Paris, France.

4. Had the privilege of having heard the Godfather of Soul himself, the late James Brown while in college at Indiana University.

5. While in high school, I saw Baryshnikov dance twice  out of three times with the Louisville Ballet in the 70’s. –Night Shadow, A tribute to George Balanchine, him doing his part of his collaborative project with Twyla Tharp and either Le Corsaire or Petrushka (think I missed Petrushka because of having three tests the next day and gave my tix to my big brother Ben).   Did see Twyla Tharp perform her  version of their Sinatra medley when she and her dance troupe performed at Indiana University, while in college.

6.  Can admit I actually did babysit once for  present U.S. Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell when I was a High School Senior in 1981, when we was still (Jefferson ) County Judge Ex, because he gave me a  summer job in their high school summer jobs program (actually, worked for the County for two summers). Worked for the Department of Human Services in Administration and Volunteers in Protective Services at the Youth Detention Center.

7. Yes, I am really from Lu’vall or Da Ville (Louisville) despite my Mid-Western or  East Coast accent (depending who you ask).  Louisville Cardinals, The Zoo, KY Center for The Arts, Cherokee Park and the Highlands, East End, Ballard High School (Go Bruins!),  Derby Pie, Hot Browns, etc. I have been to the KY Derby 3 times (the Paddock area, and infield twice–Yes, I survived the 60,0000-80,000 crowds and mint juleps   😉

My 5 Nominees:

1.  Cheryl McDaniel: Positive Habits, Self-Empowerment and other inspirational/motivational subjuects.

2. Cindy Jones Lantier: Personal empowerment, podcasts,  emotional balance and other self-help or coaching related topics.

3.  Jacki Svarrer/Flying the Good Flight: Personal Coaching, Self-Help , Daily Affirmations, Tarot and more/

4. The Atidecrem Project: Well-Rounded Adventures in Living life to the fullest: earthly pursuits, foodie pleasures, soulful things and writing from the soul.

5. Da Realz Talk:   Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Words, Positive Affirmations and other upbeat fun info.

I look forward to reading your answers…Congrats to you all! 😀


12 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award 080714 Today’s Inspiration

    • Thanks for your reply, Mercedita …you are most welcome!

      I am glad you liked my answers….I wanted to make interesting for everyone with new facts. Yes, that’s truly how we get to know each other.

      I look forward to your comments! 😀

  1. Great stories Liz, thank you so much for sharing, and thank you for your kind words. Was cool to learn some of the great things you’ve done. Looks like you’ve had many-an interesting experience. Don’t get my wrong, I enjoy your reports and updates, but am definitely looking forward to read a full book written by you! Thanks again, talk soon 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments…no need to apologize…I am glad you are looking forward to my book, For This I Got “Sober” and other works. I have been working on my book recently….will definitely keep you posted along with the others …as with more meatier topical empowerment related pieces. Thanks again, for your continuous inspiration and support! HUGS! 😀

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