Scobie John 081114 SGI-UK/Japan

* There is a national press holiday in Japan so there will be no To My Friends today but we are using a Gosho quoted in the previous day’s edition of Seikyo Shinbun and then we continue as usual with Daily Encouragement!

Monday, August 11th, 2014
“Winter always turns to spring.”

(Winter Always Turns to Spring – The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, page 536)
Selection source: Soka Gakkai member’s experience, Seikyo Shimbun, August 10th,

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
” ​The aim of education—or, as the Daishonin says, ‘teaching another something’ (cf. WND-1, 1086)—lies in fostering people who have the strength to withstand life’s challenges. The same is true in Buddhism. Each person must shape their own destiny. The aim of Buddhism is to build strong people who can do just that.

“All possess the noble life state of Buddhahood. All can advance triumphantly on the supreme path of happiness. When we awaken to the fact that we possess within us the life state of Buddhahood as vast as the universe itself, there is no difficulty we cannot surmount. When we manifest our inherent strength, we can challenge boldly,with confidence and joy, the tasks that lie before us each day.

“The same is true of the principle of transforming karma. Each of us must confront and deal with our karma or destiny ourselves. Once we know we possess within us the power to change any karma, we can find meaning in the adversity we face. We can change karma into mission.”

SGI Newsletter No. 9060, Learning from the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin: The Teachings for Victory, [58] “The Wealthy Man Sudatta.” Imparting Hope, Courage, and Inspiration to Each Person, from the December 2013 edition of Daibyaku Renge, translation released 4th Aug. 2014

From Okinawa, Japan Dublin, Ireland

(Gosho Zenshu, page 1253)


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