Why is Spirituality Important to Our Well-Being? 081114



Last Friday, I was having a very deep dialogue with one of my Twitter contacts about her lotus flower lantern banner background on her profile, Buddhism and Spirituality.

After  more dialoguing,  she proceeded to ask me the question, “Why is Spirituality important to our well-being?” We exchanged more thoughts and found out we were more in sync with our beliefs. I mentioned that I thought would make a perfect blog topic  for further discussion.

For each of us, spirituality is a personal thing and helps us on many levels to explain certain things that societal organized religion cannot. There is nothing wrong with dogma,  ritual and cultural religious customs. They all serve a purpose.

I cannot tell you how to be spiritual, I can only share some of the things that I do on a daily basis to stay sane, grounded, positive, empowered, hopeful, stress and drama-free, responsible, compassionate and so much more.

My spiritual journey started growing up in a Jewish home where I always felt that there was something more than dogma and ritual. I went to religious school (Sunday School), went to Jewish summer camps, learned basic Hebrew and some Yiddish, was confirmed, went to Israel for my 21st birthday, love me some Barbra now and then, make a great noodle kugel and chicken soup etc. Felt more akin to certain prayers and practices than others.

Then life happened. Started smoking (smoke-free for almost 5-years), became an alcoholic and drug addict, lost both parents by age 24, have been  practicing the 12-steps for the last 28-years being clean and sober.

Recovery brought me back to re-learning Hebrew and become Bat Mitzvah at age 30. Then a year later, became a Nichiren Buddhist ( chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo) for almost 21-years. My weight loss and getting healthy, etc. Those life experience have made me the wonderful, inspiring and remarkable 52-year old woman and human being, I am today!

Furthering my spirituality through the 12-steps and Buddhism has  kept me alive, helped me make sense of the world,  being happy no matter whatever life throws me, finding my true purpose and mission, and sharing those gifts with others.

Back to my original question, “why do you think spirituality is important to our well-being?”. Please share your comments on the topic. Our dialoguing, may lead to delving deeper into this subject and/or lead to other related-topic discussions.

I look forward to learning  more about your thought on this topic! Thank you! 😀






8 thoughts on “Why is Spirituality Important to Our Well-Being? 081114

  1. Thanks for this post, was nice learning more about you and your background. I don’t want to fill this up with my backstory but in my time I’ve attended a Christian church, learned about meditation and mindfulness, taken courses on Native American cultures and spirituality, studied Buddhism, studied ancient Greek religion (mythology), and most importantly, listened and felt for what resonated with me internally. My greatest revelations have been directly via Nature.

    Spirituality keeps me grounded and keep things in perspective. It allows me to see the big picture and have patience. Spirituality leads to Love. And as far as I believe, Love is the answer. Spirituality allows me to see others as my equal. Spirituality allows me to live without hate in my heart. People are capable of terrible things, of killing and hurting others, this does not lead me to hate them. I believe these people have lost their way, but that in some manner, of which does not make sense to me, they are living what they believe to be their own truth. Spirituality is a part of me, so why is it important? I think it allows us to be who we truly are inside. Great conversation starter, will think about this one some more, thank you! 🙂

  2. I loved your post, and it was very interesting to hear a bit about your journey. I too have tried lots of different paths, but am happy forging my own little path now. Funnily enough I’ve written a post about what it means to be spiritual today, which is what initially drew me to read your post. I was berating the word spirituality, not feeling comfortable owning it myself, but having read your post now, I feel a little more warm to the thought of being labelled spiritual. I think we all are spiritual whether we want to be, or are even aware of it or not. For me, it’s a desire that has always been with me to know the truth. Well done on your healthy living for so long. Love and blessings to you.

    • Thanks, Andrea for your kind words and sharing. I am glad to have been your muse or source of inspiration. I look forward to reading your posts. BTW great article…yes, everything is and can be spiritual. Cheers 😀

  3. “For each of us, spirituality is a personal thing and helps us on many levels to explain certain things that societal organized religion cannot.” How very true.
    Spirituality has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me to understand that all things are spirit, even the things I wish were different.
    I have learned to be centered and observe instead of react. I’ve learned to be present (a little more each day). I’ve learned to honor my emotions and my intuition. I’ve learned to truly connect with and love others without manipulation or control involved. My life is peaceful, even when things around me are not.

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