Mon PM Report 081114 Day 227b

Mon PM Report 081114 Day 227b: TOTAL STEPS: 2075. TOTAL MILES: .98. TOTAL  SLEEP 8-9+ hours.Inventory list. PM Chanting.  A bunch of writing, client care and  other check-ins.  Networking, marketing, updates, errands etc. Accomplished many of my goals in spreading my positivity and inspiring others. Focused. Very good time management and productivity. Definite difference with recent energy shift. LUNCH: 45g/24g.SNACK: 46g/2g. DINNER: 45g/27g. EXERS: CORRECTION  from SUNDAY 8/10 PM: stairs, steps etc. 100: mini-sits, ab crunches, ab push, ab/back, ab lunges. 300: waist twists,. Assorted arm, back , stomach,legs, hips, etc. Inclines 2x, walking, steps, stairs, stretches, gen. squats.  Chores.


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