Buddhist Food for Thought 090814 57th Anniversary of Josei Toda’s Declaration Calling for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Words of the Week

September 8, 2014

Buddhism elucidates the principle
of a single moment of life comprising
three thousand realms.
If we transform our determination
in a single life moment, everything
will begin to change.
Resolve to win, then chant!
From there, you will make remarkable
progress and development!



For Today and Tomorrow

Daily Encouragement by Daisaku Ikeda
Monday, September 8, 2014:

Without opposition there is no growth. It is hard to argue with that logic. A state in which we are free from problems or constraints is not happiness. Happiness is transcending all opposition and obstacles and continuing to grow.


1957: President Josei Toda makes a declaration against the use of nuclear weapons.




Toda’s Historic Declaration Calling for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (09-08-57)—57th Anniversary!

http://www.joseitoda.org/vision/declaration/ ( article, declaration and other related info)



Buddhism Day by Day

Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda
Monday, September 8, 2014:

The German author Herman Hesse writes that the more one matures, the younger one grows. Certainly there are many people who as they age become increasingly vigorous and energetic, more broad-minded and tolerant, living with a greater sense of freedom and assurance. It is important to remember that aging and growing old are not necessarily the same thing.




Daily Wisdom

From the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin
Monday, September 8, 2014:

Priests possessed by the heavenly devil, such as Ryokan and the others, deceived your father, Saemon no Tayu, and tried to destroy you and your brother, but you, having a wise heart, heeded Nichiren’s admonition. Therefore, just as two wheels support a cart, or two legs carry a person, just as two wings enable a bird to fly, or just as the sun and moon aid all living beings, the efforts of you brothers have led your father to take faith in the Lotus Sutra.

The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, page 845
A Father Takes Faith
Written to Ikegami Hyoe no Sakan Munenaga on September 9, 1277




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