Fri PM Report 092614 Day 273b

Fri PM Report 092614 Day 273b:  TOTAL STEPS: 1500-1800+. TOTAL MILES: .75-.9. TOTAL SLEEP: 7.5-8.0+????. Work, brief venture out, Writing, work, etc. 85-90%+. Feeling much better. LUNCH: 55g+ carbs/30g pro. MISC: 4 g carbs/0g pro (coffee w/1/2 n   1/2).  DINNER: 45g+ carbs/30g pro. SNACK1: 19 g carbs/ 10 g pro. SNACK 2: 16g carbs/11 g pro.  EXERS:  Stretches, gen squats, leg raises, walking,  steps 2s, 1000 mini-sits, 100 ab crunches , chores and other exercises.


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