Wed AM/PM Reports 100114 Days 278a/278b

Wed AM/PM  Reports 100114 Days 278a/278b: Rewarded myself for my latest weight release of 69.5 inches/690.0 total inches in 28-months with a few  new clothes and new pedometer.  Warm Wednesday Wishes to all! I hope your day was whimsical and winning! TOTAL STEPS; 3376-5076. TOTAL MILES: 1.56-2.34.  TOTAL SLEEP: 8.5-9.5 hours. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine (energy work, etc.). Chores. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Meetings, lots of writing—proposals and more. Client work. Member care. BFAST:  45g carbs/14g pro. LUNCH: 28-43g  carbs/29-31.5 g pro. DINNER: 45g carbs/25-30g  pro. EXERS: Stretches, gen. squats, legs, 100 mini-sits, 100 mini-sits, 300 leg press, 300 pelvic /back, 300 hip s/s, 100 mini-sits, incline/hill 2x  and other exercises.


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