Sat PM Report 100414 Day 281b

Sat PM Report 100414 Day 281b:TOTAL STEPS: 4866. TOAL MILES: 2.28. TOTAL SLEEP: 7-8.o+ hours. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Relaxing day. Exercise, good orderly direction ( a mtg) and coffee with one of my old friends. LUNCH: 60g/38g. SNACK2: 23g/2g. DINNRE: 49g+/37g. EXERS: Walking, 100 mini-sits, 100 mini-sits, 300 (3×100) arms/wall, 300 (3×100) leg lifts, 300 (3×100) waist twists, 300 leg press, 300 hips s/s, 300 pelvic/back, step etc 12x, incline 2x, 200 (2×100 )arm arcs, 300 (3×100) other arms, 200 (2×100) butterfly/thighs in/out, 100 ab crunches, 100 ab/back, 100 ab lunges, 100 ab push, pKbells: 200 (2×100): singles, curls, extensions, swings. 100: up, down, chest curls, chest in, chest, out, doubles, press, push ups.


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