Sun PM Report 101214 Day 290b

Sun PM Report 101214 Day 290b: TOTAL STEPS 4661. TOTAL MILES: 2.74. TOTAL SLEEP: 8.5-10.0 hours. PM Chanting. Inventory List. Great Women’s Division study meeting: 11 attendees (10 WD (women’s division) + 1 Pre-ESD (Pre-Elementary School Division)). relaxing day. SNACK2: 25g/7g. DINNER: 46g/25g. SNACK3: 23g/6.5g. EXERS: Stretches, gen squats., walking. sts/sw 6x.  300 (3×100): leg lifts, waist twists. 300: leg press, hips s/s, hips sitting, pelvic/back. 200 (2×100) arm arcs. 200 arms/stomach. 100: mini-sits, (elev) ab crunches, ab lunges, ab/back, ab push; and other exercises.



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