Wed AM/PM Reports 101514 Days 293a/293b

Wed AM/PM Reports 101514 Days 293a/293b: I hope everyone won at having a wonderful Wednesday! TOTAL STEPS: 1459. TOTAL MILES: 1.24. TOTAL SLEEP: 7-10 hours. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Chores. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Writing, other work, member care and more.  BFAST: 45G/14G. LUNCH: 45G/21G. SNACK1: 15G+/7G. DINNER: 55G/34G. SNACK2: 21.5G/0. EXERS:  Stretches, gen squats, chores, 100 mini-sits, walking,  stairs 2x, ST2/SW 8x, 100 ab arm/palm, 100 ab/back, 100 ab push, 100 ab crunches, 100 ab lunges and other exercises/yoga.


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