Thurs AM/PM Reports 102314 Days 301a/301b

Thurs AM/PM Reports 102314 Days 301a/301b: I hope your Thursday was thrilling and thriving as you gave thanks for all the that’s in your life. TOTAL STEPS: 2326. TOTAL MILES: 1.09. TOTAL SLEEP: 8-10.0 hours. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Moving energy. Chores. Inventory List.  PM Chanting. BFAST: 45g/20g/ LUNCH: 46g/19g. DINNER: 50-55g/30g. SNACK: 35g/8g. EXERS: Stretches, gen. stretches, chores, walking, st 2x, sw2x.  600 (3x2x100) leg lifts, 300 stom/arms, 300 leg press, 300 pelvic/back, 300 hip s/s, 200 (2×100) back s/s and other exercises.


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