Fri AM/PM Reports 111414 Days 323a/323b

Fri AM/PM Reports 111414 Days 323a/323b: I hope everyone had a fabulous finish this Friday! Herbs, light ( blinds/outdoors), exercise, energy work, self-reiki seem to be working.  TOTAL STEPS: 3560. TOTAL MILES: 1.67. TOTAL SLEEP: 6.5-8.5 hours.Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning Routine. Inventory List. PM Chanting. BFAST: 41.5g+/10g. LUNCH: 45g/30g. SNACK: 21g/5g. DINNER: 45g/38h+.  EXERS: Stretches, gen squats, chores, errands, walking, grocery;  100 mini-sits; legs elev: 300 arms/stomach, 100 sitting hip, 300 (3×100) arm raises, 200 (2×100) arm arcs, 100 ab lunges, 100 ab push, 100 ab/back, 300 (3×100) ab crunch, pKbells( elev): 200 (2×100): single, arm curls, 100: doubles, chest in, chest out, chest double curls, press.  Inclines 2x, ST: 6x, SW: 6x.


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