How do we measure success?

We are always successful at every given moment of our lives, even when we don’ t feel or see it.

Why is this?  Are we too “busy” with things we think are so important? Is that we are measuring our lives by external constructs that we’ve created?  Are we holding ourselves back  by self-sabotage and other self-defeating behaviors?

I’m sure we can add to this list of how self-limiting we can all be from time to time.

All of these beliefs, we have told ourselves over the years stem from fear and letting go.

In order for  abundance on all fronts to manifest in our lives, we need to let go of our own limiting beliefs and ‘keep putting one foot in front of the other’ as my mother always used to say.

De-cluttering our lives and creating a space for all the good we want to see in our lives and in the lives of others.

What 5 things are willing to give up right at this given moment for all of your dreams to come to fruition?

Mine are:

1. my need to control

2.  creating my own stress and getting sick

3. staying focused and not being distracted  by the externals in my life

4.  holding on to old limiting beliefs

5. negative self-talk/complaining  and being judgmental

What are your 5?


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