I Am Unstoppable….The Spirited Woman 2014…Day 1



I: Illuminated, Impeccable, Imaginative, Interesting, Important, Ingenious, Inventive, Innovative, Invigorating, Impassioned, Infinite

A: Awesome, Abundant,  Accepting, Acknowledging, Affirming, Aspiring, Altruistic, Artistic, Active, Approachable

M: Magnificent, Magical, Mystical, Magnetic, Meritorious, Miraculous, Momentous, Methodical, Meditative

U: Unique, Unshakable, Unbeaten, Up-and-Coming, Unstoppable, Unsurpassed, Upbeat, Utmost, Unlimited, Ultimate


N: Nice, Noteworthy, Nifty, Nonpareil, Neighborly, Noble, Nurturing, Novel, Notable, Needed


S: Savvy, Sexy, Sassy , Stunning, Saucy, Sympathetic, Stupendous, Sunny, Supportive, Sharp


T: Talented, Take-Charge, Terrific, Top-Notch, Triumphant, True-Blue, Trusted, Trailblazing, Thoughtful, Trustworthy


O: Objective, Open-Hearted, Open-Minded, Overjoyed, Orderly, Organic, On target, Optimistic, Opportunities, Overflowing


P: Positive, Par excellence, Painstaking, Patient, Peaceful, Peppy, Practical, Powerful, Prompt, Pure

P: Psyched, Psychic, Personable,  Persistent, Perceptive, Phenomenal, Philanthropic, Poetic, Poignant, Prosperopus


A: Appreciative, Appreciated, Alive, Approving, Attentive, Authentic, Astute, Ardent, Avid, Awake


B: Beautiful, Blessed, Brilliant, Bold, Blue-Ribbon, Becoming, Beloved, Business-Like, Brainy, Brave, Beneficent, Benevolent


L: Loving, Lovable, Likeable, Level-Headed, Loyal, Lucky, Like-Minded, Luminous, Lending, Lasting


E: Elegant, Earthy, Earnest, Extraordinary, Easy-going, Electrifying, Exceeding, Evident, Exceptional, Entrusted


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