Determination and Illusion

When one makes a determination to achieve something, all obstacles are an illusion. They are there to distract us off course. They are not real. They are some made-up concept we have created based on societal constructs.

If this is so, then why do we create such a situation? Because of some conditioning, we have all believed at one time or another that we are not worthy of such an achievement.

How do we change this? By changing our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions.When we make a paradigm shift, then everything shifts in the direction of our intended goal.

Positive thoughts, words, beliefs and deeds bring about positive results. Negative thoughts, words, and actions will bring about negative results.

If think I am going to fail, I will. If I think I will succeed, I will. Either way, we create our reality from what send out to be manifested. Our environment is a direct reflection what we put out there.

So, the real illusion isn’t the light being on the other side of the tunnel, it is the tunnel. The light is always there and around us. We just forget that.



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