Tues PM Report 123014 Day 369b

Tues PM Report 123014 Day 369b: Great day! Extra chanting, meeting, work etc.  GOOD NEWS: (1).   I will be appearing on a colleague’s radio show mid-February. I will be talking about, ” The Importance for Women over 50 Being Proactive in Their Health Care.” (2). I have an opportunity to write for another colleague’s online recovery site, writing on various aspects of addiction and recovery. Plus, there are other professional and personal things coming to fruition in the year ahead. I will keep you in suspense. SNACK: 15/7.  LUNCH: 45/26. SNACK2: 119/11.  DINNER: 45/27.  EXERS: more stretches, squats, walking, legs, arms, incline4x, st 8x, sw 8x,  errands, chores, other exercises for arms, legs, etc. TOTAL STEPS:  1000+. TOTAL MILES: .5+.  EXER HRS: 45 mins.  SLEEP: 8.5-9.5 hours total.  Inventory List. PM Chanting.






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