Mon AM/PM Report 011215 Day382a/382b

Mon AM/PM Report 011215 Day382a/382b: HUGS: 5 (110-125 out of 249). Light Therapy: 125 minutes ( 35+90—gave self time limit of feeling meh/do something proactive etc.). Self Care ( light therapy, talking with recovery friends etc). STEPS: 850+. MILES: .42. SLEEP: 11-11.5 hours (some depression–big energy shift).  Gratitude List.  AM Chanting. Morning routine. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Looking forward to getting results from sleep test, which will help a lot with some of my current health issues and then after a set period determine what has been  improved by the sleep apnea equipment and what further care and life changes may be needed. BFAST: 45/38. LUNCH: 50/30. DINNER: 50/40.  EXERS: stretches, gen squats, 100 mini-sits, chores and other exercises.


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