Sun AM/PM Report 011115 Day 381a/381b

Sun AM/PM  Report  011115 Day 381a/381b:  Retail Therapy with Holiday $$$ Fairy /Gift cards: socks, slippers, eye shades, towels, Rose and Jasmine scented bath salts and more. Will finish clothes/other  shopping later.HUGS: 12 ( 105/120 out of 249). Light therapy: 45 minutes.  STEPS: 3000+ MILES: 1.5+. EXER HRS: 45 mins-1 hr. SLEEP/REST (no nap): 9-11 hours. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Inventory List. PM Chanting.  SNACK: 16/1. LUNCH: 89/26. BFAST: 55.5/25. DINNER: 30+/47. EXERS: stretches., squats, 100 mini-sits, groceries/shopping, chores, 25# rock salt car trunk/inside (wanted extra on hand just in case).  Walking, st 14x, sw 16x and other exercises.


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