Fri AM/PM Report 011615 Days 386a/386b

Fri AM/PM Report 011615 Days 386a/386b: HUGS: 12 ( 167-182/249  challenge). Light therapy: 2.5-3.0 hours.  STEPS: 2500. MILES: 1.25.  EXER HRS: 45+ mins. SLEEP/REST: 8.75-10 hours. BFAST: 48/17-18. SNACK: 10/1.  LUNCH: 50/43. SNACK: 20/9. DINNER: 56.5/24.5. SNACK: 37/30. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, chores, stretches, gen squats and other exercises. Very productive day. Focused, not depressed. Signed up to participate in a book launch next month. Started working on new FB community fan page. Other marketing and networking etc.

Dr’s Office called letting me know not to worry (very nice of them/wasn’t  woried) that they’ll call as soon as the doctor gets and reviews my results from the hospital/sleep lab. I am looking forward to getting the results. From what I have read that there is a correlation of sleep apnea and post menopause (lowers estrogen/hormone levels) and depression among other things. Once treated, after a significant period of time, then it will be determined if I need further treatment for depression and hormones.

I will be writing more on these subjects in the days and weeks ahead. I have been chanting for the best doctor/s, the best medicine/care, be the best patient etc.


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