Sun AM/PM Report 011815 Day 388a/388b

Sun AM/PM Report 011815 Day 388a/388b: Another sunny day! Buddhist Women’s Study meeting. Had a delightful convo with one of the  members on “blissful chanting”. I tried out her suggestion…the sensation and result was amazing. I’m looking forward to using this approach more when I chant.  Thank you Colts for a great season!

Forgot to mention in other posts about recent dreams about money, new folks coming into my life, business, great health and few other  subjects. It could be omens of continuing the path that I am on and the several great things  I have coming down the pike. Plus, my left hand has been itching ( money) and I found $1.25. The dollar was floating to the ground as I was driving in my neighborhood.

HUGS: 20 ( 257-272/249). Light Therapy: 2 hours. STEPS: 2000+. MILES: 1.0+. EXER HRS: 30-45 minutes. SLEEP/REST: 87.75 hours. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Energy Work. Inventory List. PM Chanting. BFAST: 45/14. SNACK: 16/19. LUNCH: 64/30. SNACK: 20/7. DINNER: 55/35. EXERS: chores, stretches, gen squats, 100 mini-sits, stairs 4x, sw 8x, st 6x, other exercises.


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