Tues AM/PM Report 012015 Day 390a/390b

Tues AM/PM Report 012015 Day 390a/390b:   New Moon.  Sharing the love blissfully. Encouraging others. Loving the sunshine, both that I am creating and outdoors. Creating light and beauty out of darkness and being at peace. A very productive day. Member care. Leaders Call.

HUGS: 22 (284-299/249 Jan Hug Challenge). Light Therapy: 2 hours 40 minutes. STEPS: 800. MILES: .4. Exer Hrs: 30 Mins.  SLEEP/REST: 11.75-12.75 hours.  Gratitude. Blissful AM Chanting. Energy Work. Inventory List. Blissful PM Chanting.BFAST: 48/16.  LUNCH: 45+/27. SNACK: 31/4. DINNER: 47/22. SNACK: 24+/4.  EXERS: 100 mini-sits, walking, chores, errands, st. 2x, sw 2x and other exercises.




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