Fri AM/PM Report 012315 Day 393a/393b

Fri AM/PM Report 012315 Day 393a/393b: HUGS: 12 ( 316-331/249) hugs. LT: 80 minutes. SJW.  STEPS: 950+. MILES: .47+. EH: 45 minutes-1.0 hours. SLEEP/REST: 8.75+ hours.  BFAST: 49/17.  SNACK: 26/4. LUNCH: 45-60/30. DINNER: 63/40. SNACK: 35+/13. EXERS: Stretches, squats, chores, 100 mini-sits, walking. pKbells; 200 singles ( 2×100), 100 double, 200 (2×100) arm curls, 100 chest in, 100 chest out. Other exercises. Much better day. Social. Got a bunch of work done. Very productive day. Good convos both today and yesterday with good friends.  Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Energy work. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Member and self care. Do self care every day.


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