Thurs AM/PM Report 012215 Day 392a/392b

Thurs AM/PM  Report 012215 Day 392a/392b:  HUGS:10 (304-319/249). LT: 2-3 hours. SJW. STEPS: 2000. MILES: 1.0+. EH: 45 minutes. SLEEP/REST: 10.5-12.5. BFAST: 59/11. SNACK1: 15/7. LUNCH: 60/21. SNACK2: 36/8. DINNER: 63/26. SNACK3: 20/9. EXERS: Chores, cleaning, walking, stairs 2x, st 2x, sw 2x, 100 mini-sits and other exercises. Meh day, still positive and keeping busy etc. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Energy Work. Inventory List. PM Chanting.


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