Sat AM/PM Report 013115 Day 401a/401b

Sat AM/PM Report 013115  Day 401a/401b: Simple Saturday Salutations to all!

January 2015 END OF MONTH MEASURING: Lost 29.5 more inches. 32-month total: 792.5 inches. 22 yds. 66 ft. Will weigh-in tomorrow ( measured late–was chilling out ).

1500 straight days of doing AM/PM gongyo ( recitation of the 2nd/16th chapters of the Lotus Sutra) and chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo (NMRK) 2-3 hours+ daily ( not all at once) for the last 4+ years (I have been chanting 21+ years).

HUGS: Completed the January FB Hug Challenge. Capping off the month with 432-447 hugs out of 249 ( including the 5 from today). I’m definitely a hugging machine. Then again, I have lots of practice ( family, recovery, Buddhist practice).

LIGHT THERAPY: Happy Light seems to helping with the depression. Not on a happy pill. Did use some more St John’s Wort temporarily after temporary happy pill ran out: 1.0 hour. My other related activities

STEPS: 1800+. MILES: .9+. EXER HRS: 45  minutes. SLEEP/REST: 9.5 + hours.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning Routine. Energy Work. Inventory List. Study. PM Chanting.

BFAST: 81 g carbs/15g pro. LUNCH: 45g carbs/9g pro. SNACK: 15g carbs/7g pro. DINNER: 45g carbs/ 21.5 g pro.  EXERCISES/more SELF CARE: 100 mini-sits, chores, walking, stretches, squats, stairs 2x, nice hot bath, and other exercises.

Self care/rest, member care, some reading/writing etc.Wasn’t online much.




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