We’re back….It’s TOOT UR HORN TUESDAY!

For many reasons of negative self-worth and low self-esteem, we rob ourselves and others of  the bliss and enjoyment of sharing our successes and other great news.

Out of this lack, TOOT UR HORN TUESDAY was created. So, please give us the honor and privilege of celebrating our many professional and personal successes with each other.

Feel free to join the other forums over on LinkedIn or my Facebook Community fan page—Keeping It Moving-KIMF w/Liz




5 thoughts on “We’re back….It’s TOOT UR HORN TUESDAY!

  1. Tomorrow/Wed, will be getting fitted for my rental CPAP gear as I continue my journey in being and staying healthy as I help others along the way in fulfilling my mission. I am looking forward to this, believe it or not. I know it will resolve a bunch of health issues—WAHOO! 😀

  2. More great stuff to toot about—-will be part of helping a bunch of fabulous spiritual women with Choosing Happiness book launch, completed a 249 hug challenge last month with over 400 hugs, and am on a list of writers/consultants to help prospective authors prosper and flourish with their work…and much, much more including another day waking vertical. ❤ 😀

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