Fri AM/PM Report 020615 Days 407a/407b

Fri AM/PM Report 020615 Days 407a/407b: HUGS: 12+. Light Therapy: 45 mins-1 hour.STEPS: 1000+. MILES: .5+.  EXER HRS: 45mins. S/R: 7.75-8.75 hours.

Progress with getting adjusted to CPAP. Still working on sleepiness, other energy and other related health issues i.e. depression etc. Writing, scheduling, client work, errands etc.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Energy Work. Inventory List. PM Chanting.

BFAST: 41g carbs/50g pro. LUNCH: 45g carbs/25g pro. DINNER: 45-60 g carbs/30 g pro. SNACK: 15g/7g. EXERS: Stretches, squats, chores, 100 mini-sits, stairs 2x, st 4x, sw 4x, errands, walking and other exercises.


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