Fri AM/PM Report 022015 Day 421a/421b

Fri AM/PM Report 022015 Day 421a/421b:  HUGS: 12+. Light Therapy: 1.5 hours.  STEPS: 800-1250. MILES: .4-.63.  EH: 30-45 minutes. S/R: 9:25-10:40 hours. SC: rest, reading, , etc.

WAHOO–got my new MiFi Unit early evening. Great lesson in going with the flow etc. Carrier CS was helpful going over installation, insurance and other info. Glad I signed up for the insurance for the unit–so it will be covered if this happens again ( making a general statement/not putting out negative energy) and other questions. Started playing catch up. With all that happened over the last 2.5 days—I definitely moved some major karma on this.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Energy work. Inventory List. PM Chanting.

BFAST:  50/11. LUNCH: 44/25. SNACK1: ???. DINNER: 62/31. SNACK2: 32/2. SNACK3: 34/10. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, stretches, squats, chores, other exercises.


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