Wed AM/PM Report 021815 Days 419a/419b

Wed AM/PM Report 021815 Days 419a/419b: HUGS: 16. Light Therapy: 45 minutes. STEPS: 1000-2000. MILES: .5-1.0. EH: 2.0 hours. S/R: 6-8.5 hours.

SC: found joy in not having MiFi/WiFi until early Fri evening–offline. Ordered new /got an early upgrade. Although, it was challenging–able to create beauty from darkness.

Re-charged personal “batteries” during snow.  Was able listen, really listen to sound of the dripping water from the sink in my downstairs half bath–very rhythmic and healing.

Fixed a bookcase, going through files, purging stuff, cleaning desk etc. Rested, chanted etc.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Energy Work. Inventory List. PM Chanting.

BFAST : 45/13. LUNCH: 34/30.  DINNER: 45/28. SNACK: 39/30. EXERS: Chores, laundry, st 6x, sw 6x, st2 , cleaning, lots of physical activity, 100 mini-sits, other exercises.


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