Thurs AM Report 022615 Day 427a ( corrections)

Thurs AM report 022615 Day 427a ( corrections) : Thrilling Thursday thoughts to all! Love the sunshine trying to peek through my front blinds. May you all have thriving day and give thanks!

Love days like these…full schedule watching things beautifully unfold.

CORRECTIONS: Mon 2/23 DINNER: 49g/27g. SNACK#2; 24g/2g. Tues 2/24 BFAST: 50g/14g. LUNCH: 49g/25g.

Morning Hugs. Light Therapy. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Energy work.

BFAST: 36/8. SNACK: 13/9. EXERS: Walking, stretches, squats, chores and other exercises. More in PM report.


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