Wed PM Report 022515 Day426b

Wed PM Report 022515 Day426b: Another highly productive day, both professionally and personally. KIMF (keeping it moving forward)—love how things are unfolding!

HUGS: 35. Light therapy: 30 inis-1 hour 30 mins.  Exer Hours: 1.5-2.0. STEPS: 2000+. MILES: 1.25 miles+. SC: me time, outside, lunch with friends, etc. S/R: 8 hours  15 minutes.

Inventory List. PM chanting. LUNCH: 45-60/30. SNACK: 18/12. DINNER: 54/19. SNACK: 13/15. SNACK: 24/2. EXERS: Walking, stretches, squats, st 6x, sw 6x, errands, grocery, chores and other exercises.

Member care. Client care, writing etc.



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