Thurs PM Report 022615 Day 427b

Thurs PM Report 022615 Day 427b: I hope everyone had a thrilling and thriving Thursday!Busy day scheduling, home stuff, work, lots of writing ( yay!), self-care and more….

EXERS: 100 ab lunges, 300 (3×100) ab crunches, 100 ab push, 100 ab/back, 200 (2×100) arm arcs, 300 (3×100) waist twists, 300 pelvic/back, 300 leg press, 300 hip s/s, 10 left pKbell, 10 right pKbell, 10 double pKbell, chores, stretches, squats, moving furniture,  and other exercises.

HUGS: 30-35. LT: 45 mins-1 hour. STEPS: 1000. MILES: .5. EH: 2 hours.  SC: me time-bath, haircut, just being, chanting, etc. S/R: 8-9 hours.

LUNCH: 44/35. SNACK: 26/18. DINNER:49/36.

Inventory List. PM Chanting….



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