Sun PM Report 030115 Day 429b

Sun PM Report 030115 Day 429b: Had a pretty good day. Did get out and dug out car–great cardio,  etc. rested.  Some work and writing, planning week ahead. Overall, pleasant day. Neighbor relations and other social.

HUGS: 30-35. Light therapy: 1 hour. EH: 30+ mins. SC: outdoors, sleep, etc.  STEPS: 2500+.  MILES: 1.25+ .  S/R: 11hrs 25 mins-12 hrs 25 mins (actually tired/sleepy -not depressed).

LUNCH: 45/23. DINER: 45-60/30. SNACK: 15+/7+/. EXERS: stretches, squats, shoveling car, wiping off snow, chores and other exers.  Was proud of myself with the cardio etc.

Inventory list. PM Chanting.


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