Tues PM Report 030315 Day 431b

Tues PM Report 030315 Day 431b: HUGS: 25-30. Light therapy: 30 mins. EH: 1.0-1.5 hours.  STEPS: 2500+. MILES: 1.25+. SC: shopping, “me” time, CH Crusade, exercise/walking etc. S/R: 6-8+ hours.

Did well on 1-mo. CPAP check-in. Busy day, running errands, writing, blogging, scheduling, networking, promoting, client work and more…

AM Chanting. Gratitude List. Morning routine. Energy work. Chores. Inventory List. PM Chanting.  BFAST: 52/22. SNACK: 51-54/5. LUNCH: 60/38. DINNER: 82/35. SNACK: 10. EXERS: Stretches, squats, 100 mini-sits, arms, legs, back, groceries, chores, errands, walking and other exercises.


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