Happiness Is…Freedom #3— #IMAChoosingHappinessBlogger

Happiness Is…Freedom

This is the third of seven installments coinciding with the topics and video series topics in Publisher Linda Joy‘s Inspiration  for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and her interviews with the 30 #ChoosingHappiness Authors.





Total freedom is living one’s truth no matter what. There’s no one’s approval to seek because you are being true to yourself living out your dream.

Freedom in doing whatever you want, whenever want while you are being the person you were always meant to be.

Freedom is joy , inner peace  and satisfaction that you absolutely ❤ what you are doing even when others don’t get it. Smiling from within.

Freedom is exhaling with no guilt or stress.

Freedom radiates within every part of your being and is shown in the way you project your vision, mission, purpose onto the world.

See how these phenomenal women found freedom in what they love to do and the process of how they got there.


chat with Linda, sharing themselves….


and read more about them at:






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