Happiness Is…Making a Choice #1/#7 #ChoosingHappinessBlogger

Happiness Is…Making a Choice

This is the first of seven articles coinciding with the topics and video series topics in Publisher Linda Joy‘s Inspiration  for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and her interviews with the 30 #ChoosingHappiness Authors.



Happiness is…Making a Choice resonates loudly with me on many levels. It is making that choice daily that I choose to be happy no matter what live may throw at me.

Making a Choice involves risk, passion, empowerment, responsibility. Once I make that decision, it’s mine. I own it. No more  waffling about it. I’ve  let it go and go about my business for the day.

Making a Choice is the first step in self-care, the taking care of self. I vow each and every day in my daily Buddhist  practice to chant form my happiness and the happiness of others.

Making a choice to be happy from within and not on some external things outside of ourselves is refreshing, rejuvenating, relieving and revitalizing.

Find out how these incredible women:

All took action with their decisions to be happy  no matter what!


Once, you see their inspiring interviews, you will want to know more about their stories by buying their book, Inspiration  for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness.





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