Happiness Is….Loving Yourself #7 #IMAChoosingHappinessBlogger

Happiness Is….Loving Yourself

This is the final  installment coinciding with the topics and video series topics in Publisher Linda Joy‘s Inspiration  for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and her interviews with the 30 #ChoosingHappiness Authors.



Loving Yourself is one of the most rewarding and uplifting act and gift one can give oneself. The everlasting gift of self-love.

Loving Yourself as you are right now as you are, is endless without limit.

Loving Yourself has no restrictions.

Loving Yourself is acknowledging, actively embracing and rejoicing to the world about all the special things that make you, you!


How do you love yourself? What do you love most about yourself?

Find out how these 5 powerful women embraced loving themselves:

http://bit.ly/Happiness-VideosAnd read their experiences:



2 thoughts on “Happiness Is….Loving Yourself #7 #IMAChoosingHappinessBlogger

    • That’s great, Joanne! I just got mine last Friday! I know you will enjoy reading my friends book and they will appreciate too! ❤ 😀 HUGS

      I am glad you continue to ❤ my posts and enjoyed the series….XO

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