Mon AM/PM Report 030915 Day 437a/437b

Mon AM/PM Report 030915 Day 437a/437b: I hope everybody was enjoying the marvelous weather on this magnificent Monday!

Worked half a day…up late working…then had a “Me” day and rested.

HUGS: 17. Light Therapy: 32 mins. EHrs: 45 mins. STEPS: 1800. MILES: .9. SC: rest, started CH vids, etc. S/R: 8-9 hrs.

AM Chanting. Gratitude List. Morning routine. Energy work. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Chores, etc.

BFAST: 46-48/20-22. SNACK: 27/10. LUNCH: 48/39. DINNER: 78/14. EXERS: Chores, stretches, squats, 300 (3×100) mini-sits, arms, legs etc. and other exercises.


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