Tues AM/PM Report 031015 Day 438a/438b

Tues AM/PM Report 031015 Day 438a/438b: I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday! Did any of you, have anything top -notch to toot about on this TOOT UR HORN TUESDAY?

Full day creating,planning , writing, blogging, promoting, and other fun stuff in spreading happiness and good cheer!

CPAP report: have been doing well as I am still getting adjust a little after using it for 1 month. Did sleep 6.5 hours straight w/o it ( plus more hours)–1st time not using it at night. No worries. Can tell the difference w/ and w/o—-w/o wake more and go to bathroom whereas w/wake less and don’t have to go to the bathroom until getting up in morning.Can tell other changes too.

HUGS: 20. Light Therapy: 45 mins. EHrs: 45 mins. STEPS: 1800. MILES: .9. SC: hot bath, “Me” time, more #ChoosingHappiness Videos, etc. S/r8-10 hours+.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Energy work.  Inventory List. PM Chanting.

BFAST:45-50/9-12. SNACK: 23/5. LUNCH: 45/31. SNACK: 21-23/4-6.5. DINNER: 67-71/23.5-28. EXERS: Stretches, squats, legs, back, etc., chores, 300 (3×100) mini-sits and other exercises.




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