Thurs PM Report 031215 Day 440b

Thurs PM Report 031215 Day 440b: Thankful this Thursday….thoughtful thoughts and thriving abounds on all fronts! Wahoo!

Another productive day both personally and professionally. Nice seeing things gradually coming together. Enjoyed the beautiful weather after being inside working for most of the day. Love being so focused and accomplished etc. Writing, book work ( yay!), creating, planning, networking, client care, member care etc.

HUGS: 30+., Light therapy 40 minutes. ExerHrs; 1 hr. STEPS: 1800-2000+. MILES: .9-1.0+. Self-Care: outside, sunlight, hot bath/shower massager, etc. S/R: 8-9 hours+

Inventory List. PM Chanting. LUNCH: 45+/30. SNACK: 15+/7+. DINNER: 85/32. EXERS: 300 (3×100) mini-sits, walking, stairs 2x, st, 2x, sw 2x, arms, back, legs and other exercises.



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