Sat AM/PM Report 031415 Day 445a/445b

Sat AM/PM  Report 031415 Day 445a/445b: Hope everyone had a sunny and serene Saturday. And created your own sunshine as needed.

Splendid day in the sunshine, errands and fixing a computer issue on my old laptop, —which I solved in 2-3 hours–Wahoo! Of course, writing, creating and more.:-D

HUGS: 25+. Light Therapy:43 mins. (Plus when I outdoors). Exer Hrs: 2 hours. SC: outdoors, walking, exers, rest, etc. STEPS: 2000. MILES: 1.0. S/R: 9-11+ hours ( rough night).

BFAST: 45/12. LUNCH: 45/38.5. SNACK: 21/4. DINNER: 48/21. SNACK: 15/3.  EXERS: stretches, gen squats, walking, st 4x, sw 8x, chores, de-cluttering/Spring cleaning ( kitchen etc), and other exercises.

Inventory List. PM Chanting.


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