Mon AM/PM Report 031615 Day 447a/447b

Mon AM/PM Report 031615 Day 447a/447b:  A day filled with manifesting life’s many marvels! Enjoying the magnificent Spring sunshine and hope others are too!

Very productive start to this work week. De-Cluttering/cleaning, scheduling, networking, introspection/going deep, writing, blogging, helping others spread love and happiness etc.

SLEEP ( slept 6+ hours w/o the CPAP): 8-9.5 hours. OTHER: 1.o hours. STEPS: 1800-2000. MILES: .9-1.0+. HUGS: 22+. Light therapy: 33 minutes. Exer Hrs: 30-45 minutes.  Self-Care: outdoors, walking, opened doors to let air circulate, VFA, de-clutter/cleaning–creating space for the unlimited possibilities to unfold.

Gratitude List, AM Chanting, Morning routine, energy work, chores, Inventory List, PM Chanting. BFAST: 45/29.  LUNCH: 76/20. DINNER: 45-60/30. SNACK: 31/4.  EXERS: Stretches, gen squats, chores, 100  mini-sits, arms, legs, back, walking, st 2x, sw 2x and other exercises.


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