Thurs AM/PM Report 031915 Day 450a/450b

Thurs AM/PM Report 031915 Day 450a/450b: 450 days of food/exercise journaling. 1546 days AM/PM prayers /2-3 hours chanting a day. 2410 days reading the “Clear Mirror Guidance” and “5 Eternal Guidelines of Faith.”

Thrilling  and thriving thoughts to all this Thursday!Very thankful day, indeed! Two incredible awesome chats with some amazing like-minded  visionary woman. Lots of planning, writing, blogging, scheduling, member care, client care, marketing and more…Nice seeing the pieces to continue to fall into place

HUGS: 17-22. LT: 30 minutes. Exer Hrs: 30+ mins. SC: outdoors, read, otehr.  STEPS: 1000. MILES: .5. SLEEP: 5.5-7.25 hours/Other .5-1.0 hours.

AM Chanting. Gratitude List Morning Routine. Energy Work. Chores. Inventory List. PM Chanting.  BFAST: 49/7. LUNCH: 45-60/30. SNACK: 17/7. DINNER: 50-60/30. SNACK: 30/6. SNACK: 17/0.


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