Sun AM Report 032215

Sun AM Report 032215: Day 454 health journaling. Day 1550 AM/PM chanting (prayers + 2-3 hours/day). Day 2413 CMG & 5eg. Bloomington District hours (345 hours = 1,000, 345 daimoku = over almost 11 months) and Jan-May Regional 10M campaign ( 90 hours = 300,000 daimoku = 3 months).

Splendid Sunny Salutations to all this Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend where ever you are on the planet!

Sleepy this Sunday…weird night…this too shall pass…did go back to sleep for a couple of more hours. Gratitude List.  Coffee and chanting do the soul wonders. Self hugs, light therapy, morning routine, chores.  100 mini-sits, stretches, squats and other exercises. 2 loads laundry. BFAST: 55/17.

Read today’s gosho for today’s study meeting later today. Not online much other than minor stuff. Self-Care: going back to sleep, exercise, not being online  much over the weekend. More in PM Report.


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